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Galiyat Mountain Trail 60k Race by UTMB Index

Race Registration:


Margalla Trail Runners is going to organize the 2nd edition of the Galiyat Mountain Trail Race. The race is exciting thrilling and challenging 60km and 20k race on the mountains of Galiyat. The UTMB® Index races are organized by @margallatrailrunners first time in the history of Pakistan. It will be the longest-distance 60km running race on the most beautiful and scenic trails of the Galiyat Mountains Pakistan.

UTMB-Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

A UTMB® World Series Qualifier is a qualifying race in the 20K 50K 100K or 100M categories which contributes towards every Finisher UTMB® Index and gives privileged access to the UTMB® World Series Events*. The privileged access corresponds to:

• Exclusive pre-sales period

• Early bird prices secure

• Access to races on a first come first served basis

*Excluding sold-out races where a draw will be organized. In the event of a draw subscriptions will be exclusive to UTMB® Index holders.

Runners will be qualified or they have to improve their Performance Index via participating in 20K 50K 100K 100M UTMB World Series Qualifier Events/Races on the following formula;

§ It is based on the time taken to run the distance elevation and overall position in the participating UTMB World Series Qualifier event/Race.

§ The faster athletes run the better their Performance Index.

UTMG under the banner of Margalla Trail Runners has become the family member of UTMB® Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. UTMG will be an annual event of UTMB® World Series Qualifier.

Galiyat Mountain Trail is connected/linked to Galiyat trails. The trails start from Thandiyani to Khaira Gali Pakistan. Galiyat Mountains are part of the Himalayan foothills. Galiyat Mountain Trail is the most beautiful scenic and soft dirt trail and one of the best routes for trail and hill running. The trails are in Galliyat Abbottabad District of KPK Pakistan. GMT is a sequence of multiple trails of the Galiyat Mountains.

Race Itinerary:

SUNDAY on 16th July 2023

Race Start Time: 05:00 am

Terrain: Trail

Distance: 58km

Ascent: 2012 meters

Descent: 2150 meters

Altitude Departure: 26600 meters

Maximum Altitude: 2955 meters

Cut Off Time: 12 Hours

Level: Advanced and Difficult

Shoes: Trail or Multi-terrain Shoes.

Route Details: Thandiyani Top (Start Point) → Bern Gali → Dagri Bangla → Kunna Meadows → Miranjani Top → Nathia Gali → Lalazar Park → Mushkpuri top → Dunga Gali → Ayubia Pipeline Trek → Pipeline Trek of Kuza & Changla Gali Trek → Khaira Gali (Finishline).

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