Razmak is one of the three subdivisions of North Waziristan Agency in Pakistan, the other two being Mirali and Miramshah. The inhabitants are almost exclusively Pashtuns. The Razmak subdivision of North Waziristan is divided into three Tehsils: Razmak, Dossali, and Garyum. Dossali is a low-lying area with a warm and dry climate. Garyum is a hilly and cold area. Razmak Tehsil is the coldest and wettest of the three Tehsils because of its higher elevation. It is pleasant in summers, but snow clad in the winters. Razmak town is the main settlement of the Razmak subdivision. The height above sea level of Razmak town is 2010 m. Razmak is known as Mini London due to its beauty and potential to become a major tourist destination if the security situation of Waziristan improves. The famous Pashtun tribal leader Mirzali Khan (Faqir of Ipi) was based in Gurwek, but also hided for a long time in Razmak. Gurwek is a remote village in Waziristan on the border with Afghanistan.

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