Mansehra District is in the Hazara division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Mansehra district and town are named after Man Singh, a leading general of Mughal Emperor Akbar. It is considered as an important tourist location due to Kaghan Valley area being located in the district and the Karakoram Highway passing through the district. It was established as a district in 1976, prior to which it was a tehsil of the former Hazara District. Its total area is 4,579 square kilometers. Mansehra makes its boundary on the north to Kohistan and Battagram districts, on the east to Muzaffarabad district of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, on the south to Abbottabad and Haripur districts and on the west to Shangla and Buner districts. Mansehra District is dominated by high mountains, varying in elevation from 200 meters in the south to over 4500 meters above sea level in the north. The famous Babusar pass is situated on the north-eastern boundary of the district. The Nanga Parbat Mountain is located about 40 kilometers from the north eastern boundary of the district. The climate is cold in much winter and pleasantly warm in summer. The northern part like Kaghan valley is cold in summer and extremely cold in winter and it receives heavy snow fall. District has two distinct seasons; the summer season which lasts from April to September and winter season which is from October to March. The district is very famous from the tourism point of view and has been blessed with wonderful scenery. Some of Mansehra's main features are mountain ranges, plains, valleys, and numerous lakes and rivers. The main tourist sites in the district include Baffa, Dadar, Balakot, Kaghan Valley, Oghi, Shogran, Naran and the famous shrines of Shah Ahmad Shaheed and Shah Ismail Shaheed, who fought the battle with Sikhs in 19th century, are also historic places to visit. There are three famous lakes in the district: Lulusar Lake, Dudipatsar Lake and Saiful Muluk Lake. All three are located in the beautiful Kaghan Valley and act as a mirror reflecting the snow-clad Mountains surrounding them. There are two major rivers in the district known as River Kunhar and River Siran. River Siran passes through the Pakhal valley and irrigates major part of the land. River Kunhar starts from Lake Saiful-Muluk and after falling some congruent paths reaches Balakot and Garhi Habibullah from where it turns to Muzaffarabad. It then meets River Neelum.

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