Peshawar (Pronounced Pe-SHAH-Wur), the capital of Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa (KP), is a Frontier Town, the meeting place of the Subcontinent and Central Asia. It is perhaps the oldest living city in this part of Asia - a place where ancient traditions jostle with those of today, and where the bazaar in the old city has changed little in the last hundred years except to become the neighbor of a modern university, some modern hotels, some International Banks and one of the best museums in Pakistan. The city is famous for its food and tourism as it is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan with recorded history dating back to 539 BC. The locals usually enjoy soups for starters and finish their feast with traditional Green Tea Known As Kehwa. Though they like all types of food, but they are major meat lovers. The famous Halwapoori from Saddar is the all time favorite in the city. They have a custom of sitting on the floor and eating their food together with the entire family. Another unique thing is that they always serve dry fruits and nuts to guests along with other items.

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