chitral polo ground

Place: Chitral Valley

Category: Parks ,

Latitude: 35.8470739554451

Longitude: 71.78428173065186


The Shandur Polo ground is in the district Chitral, and is situated. It is bordered on the west by Yarkoon valley of Chitral and on the northerners by the valley of Gilgit district. It is dividing point between the caracara and the handout mountains ranges. The polo ground is about 168 Km from the main town Chitral and accessible by jeep. The road is closed during winter due to heavy snow. A polo tournament is held on Shandur Top annually. The festival also includes Folk music, dancing and a camping village is set up.Various teams of Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan have always played the game of polo closest to its original form. Free-styled mountain polo is arguably polo in its purest form.

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