Dungagali Water Tanks

Place: Galiyat

Category: Hiking ,

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Latitude: 34.05404

Longitude: 73.4080011


It was in 1930 that the British built a water pipeline starting from Dunga Gali, a settlement on the slopes of the 2,813 meters high Mushkpuri Peak, the highest peak in the area. At Dunga Gali itself, a huge circular and open to the sky water tank of strong steel sheets was built, having a diameter of about 30 meters and a height of about 10 meters. In the mountainous heights behind Dunga Gali, run-offs from natural springs and rain-water channels were engineered and networked to flow into this steel water storage tank. Then choosing a relatively level route throughout, to achieve the longest horizontal distance possible, a track about 3 meters wide on the average was carved out along a mountain slope, through thick forest, and a water pipeline was laid in the centre of the track, to carry the stored water to Ayubia, from where it was supplied to Murree at an elevation nearly a thousand meters below the starting point in Dunga Gali.

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