Madaglasht Valley

Place: Chitral Valley

Category: Valley ,

Suitable for Family Suitable for Adults

Latitude: 35.796763609521484

Longitude: 71.99277053150695


Madaglasht Valley is located at the South-east of Chitral Town with an approximate population of 3000 people. The main languages in Madaglasht Valley are Chitrali and Persian. Tourist attractions: Mixed Chitrali and Persian culture, various handicrafts, Gocharsar Waterfall, treks to the Goleen and Laspur valleys of Chitral and to the Dir Kohistan valleys. How to get there: Daily transport (4x4) is available between Drosh and Madaglasht at specified timings. Travel time is three hours from Drosh to the main village of the valley. It is recommended that 4x4 vehicle be hired in Chitral and Drosh to access the valley. Accommodation: Local family guest houses are available. For large tourist groups, it is advisable to carry tents and sleeping bags. There are few opportunities to purchase food in the valley but traditional cuisine may also be available. It is advisable to carry bottled or boiled water for drinking.

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