Chapri Rest House

Place: Kurram Agency

Category: Hiking , Valley , Snow fall ,

Suitable for Family Suitable for Adults

Latitude: 33.96555218276423

Longitude: 70.11114438995719


Chapri Rest House is situated in the foot of Koh-e-Safid at 9941ft above the sea level. Major Novel who was the officer of the English Army built it. He serves from 1924 to 1927 in Kurram agency. Chapri rest house was rebuilt in 1981 by the political agent Taj Muhammad Khan. Chapri rest house is built with wood having two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen and drawing room. It is surrounded by green hills from three sides and window on its fourth side opens toward Parachinar city (Capital of Kurram Valley). It is on four-hour hiking track from Mikay Village, which is approximately 10 kilometers far from Parachinar City. As Chapri rest house is so high from sea level that's why whether is so cold there. In summer its average temperature is about 18 0C to 22 0C and in winter the average temperature is about -15 0C to -20 0C. Chapri rest house is a beautiful place for enjoyment of life. People carry their own food because no food is available there and also water is a small problem because water is available on one-hour hiking track from the rest house. The watchman can also provide water but you will pay him for this or you can use his horse to bring water. You can take your own tent to stay in the natural lawn of rest house. The rest house is surrounded by green mountains, which are covered by beautiful long pine trees

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