garam chashma

Place: Chitral Valley

Category: Valley ,

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Latitude: 35.99186249614685

Longitude: 71.5549531936


At a distance of 2 hours’ drive (4x4) towards North-west of Chitral, there is located an ancient valley of Injigan, nowadays known as Garam Chashma (Hot Spring). The valley has a great value for its hot springs full of Sulphur and its water is perceived for centuries as a natural medication for the cure/ recovery of rheumatism, gout, chronic headache, skin disorders and maladies. Therefore, the valley is often visited by local tourists as well as foreigners during the season. For the convenience of tourists, "Hamams" (baths) have been constructed near the springs. Foreign tourists are requested to pay some amount for taking a hot bath in the Hamams (baths). Garam Chashma is an un-spoilt enchanting valley of orchards, verdant fields and snow-clad peaks, the best place for rock climbing, mountaineering, fishing, trekking, hiking, hunting and camping. Accommodation: There are several hotels & restaurants in Garam Chashma but it is recommended to stay at Hotel Injigan, with a nice hot swimming pool, and the prices are also affordable. The trout fish with Afghani rice and veggies is also offered by the Afghani restaurants. A Civil &Works Rest house is also present in the area.

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