Pushkalavati Museum

Place: Charsadda

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Latitude: 34.181130516521165

Longitude: 71.78256286355793


Pushkalavati is situated 30 km to the northeast of Peshawar. The term Pushkalavati is a combination of two Prakrit words Pushkala and vati, which mean lotus and city respectively. The area is still very fertile and had ponds full of lotus flowers around the city, remnants of which can be seen around the site of Balahisar. The city goddess was also called Pushkalwati. The lotus flower, which also symbolized Buddha in archaic sect, is still grown in Charsadda. The legendary Hariti Devi and Panchika were born here and converted to Buddhism by Lord Buddha. The Syama Jatakat also took place. The stupa of the Eye Gift was built here, to commemorate the generous gift of eyes by Buddha to the people of the land, which was recorded by Chinese pilgrims, who had visited the site. This region is also known as Hashtnagar which is a Persian word meaning eight villages. According to Prof. Dani this name is the informal form of Astes Nagar, called after its ruler Astes who ruled Gandhara before the onslaught of Alexander the Great in 327 BC.

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