Peshawar, KPK

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Bala Hissar is a historic fortress located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The fort was originally used as a royal residence for the Durrani Empire and was later renovated during Sikh rule.

The fort's position on a high mound gives it a commanding and panoramic view of Peshawar and the entire Peshawar valley.The mighty Bala Hisaar Fort lies on both eastern approaches to Peshawar city and meets the eye when coming from Rawalpindi or from the Khyber. It is a massive frowning structure as its name implies, and the newcomer passing under the shadow of its huge battlements and ramparts cannot fail to be impressed.

Presently Bala-Hisar fort houses headquarters of a prestigious Frontier Corps- the defenders of the mountains.

Baala Hisaar Fort


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