Peshawar, KPK

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is an area in the heart of the walled city of Peshawar, situated close to the Ghanta Ghar (clock tower), Bazaar Kalan and Gor Khuttree. The Mohallah contains seven houses (including Sethi House a cultural heritage) built by the Sethis. These unique houses, a blend of the art and architecture of Gandhara and Central Asia are rare architectural masterpieces located in the walled city.

The homes were designed with inspiration from the vernacular architecture of Bukhara. Two neatly decorated tehkhanas (basement rooms), a balakhana (upper storey), dalaans (big halls), chinikhanas (rooms where decoration and art pieces are displayed on chimneypieces) and fountains can be found in each house. The ceilings are painted and the walls are decorated with mirror work. The overall structure is a combination of brick and woodwork embellished with carved wooden doors and balconies. Painted and mirrored atriums provide fresh air and attractive views, while the main entrances are made of superbly carved wood.

Sethi Mohallah


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