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The Old Bazars

Bannu is famous for its centuries old markets, offering a variety of local and indigenous products. There are several famous markets and business centers in the inner Bannu city. These markets include Tanchi Bazar (famous for a huge water tank high above the surrounding buildings), Chai Bazar (famous for variety of tea), Jaman Road Bazar (famous for countless Jaman trees alongside the road), Tehsil Bazar (famous for gold merchants), Mir Saudad Market and Gardanali Gali (famous for ladies items), Tail Mandi (famous for all kinds of oil), Sabzi Mandi (famous for variety of vegetables and fruits), Gurh Mandi (famous for the best Gurh in the region), Ghalla Mandi and Maal Mandi (famous for rice and pulses).


The Old Bazars


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