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Bilot Fort

Bilot Fort, locally known as Kafir Kot is located on the Dera Ismail Khan-Chashma Highway, near the town of Bilot Sharif, about 55 km north of Dera Ismail Khan. Although this fort is very old, but the main structures of the fort and the temples inside the fort still stand intact. The remains of Bilot Fort and temples are indication of the existence of an important Hindu civilization in this region. These remains are of great antiquity and interest and people who like history and architecture would find this place very interesting. The main features of the fort are an outer defensive wall, consisting of rough blocks of stone, some of great size, and various groups of buildings resembling small Hindu temples and more or less carved. These are built of a curiously honey-combed drab-colored stone not to be found in the adjacent hills, which is said to have been brought by river all the way from Khushalgarh. Sculptures and architectural components from this fort and temples have been placed in different museums across Pakistan and the rest of the world. One of the largest collections from Kafir Kot is in the British Museum.


Bilot Fort


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