Dera ismail khan

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Kulachi is a beautiful town situated in Dera Ismail Khan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is ideally located in picturesque Damaan valley, at the foot of Sulaiman Mountains and lies on the banks of Gomal River, a tributary of the great Indus River. The town is famous for its rich history and culture. The whole town is bordered by a wall, and has four historic old markets named Kalan Bazar, Muslim Bazaar, Commisionery Bazaar and Bakhri Bazaar. The special thing about these markets is that all these markets meet at one point named Chowgallah. Kualchi is also famous for its mouthwatering melons. It is said that they need not go to Kulachi, unless they are in search of very sweet melons. Kulachi is also known for its amazingly beautiful and unique locally made articrafts and handicrafts, including Kulachiwal Chaakku (Knife), Ornamental Shoes etc. Kulachi is also called the town of Saints because it is home to the tombs of some of the notable saints and religious scholars. Most of these tombs have surrounded the walled city of Kulachi.




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