Upper Kaghan, Mansehra

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At 7,888 feet above sea level, Naran is the main center of tourism in the Kaghan Valley. It is located 85 kilometers from Balakot.

The town is situated on the bank of Kunhar river which is ideal for trout fishing and easy grade river rafting.

Naran is, without doubt, the main base for most tourists.There is one central bazaar where all the shops, restaurants and hotels are situated. Naran becomes alive only in summer starting in late May when the snow melts and the road to Naran become passable.

In winter majority of the population descends to warmer climates of Balakot and Mansehra. Most visitors stay in Naran for a few days while enjoying the various day excursions to Lake Saiful Muluk, Lalazar, Lake Lulusar and Babusar Pass. There are also several short walks and treks around Naran.