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Harnoi is a small town located 10 km east of Abbottabad on the main Nathiagali Road. Surrounded by mountains and host to a pleasant weather, Harnoi is the hub of tourist activities. The town is situated at the conflux of two small rivers namely Harnoi and Barengali. It is said to be the gateway to Galiyat and the perfect tourist spot for a little picnic spree. Nestled in the bosom of Hindu Kush mountains, the town attracts a large number of visitors to its picturesque landscape and the freezing waterfalls and streams passing nearby. The Harnoi River offers the ideal location for a quality retreat. On the road to Nathiagali, a small off road path leads down to the river where families gather at the edge to enjoy a hearty meal and rest their feet in the cold water. The Harnoi picnic point bustles with activity as kids treat themselves to fun filled activities on the merry-go-rounds, horse rides and other recreational fixtures.


Nathiagali-Murree Road, Abbottabad


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