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From Shogran, a steep climb through dense forest of fir and pine brings you to a plateau of great scenic beauty of Siri and Paya. Sri and Paya are one of the most beautiful places. Siri and Paya is a plateau above the hill station of Shogran. At Paya there is a very small lake, and further up at Siri is the plateau. From Shogran there are many jeep and hiking treks lead you to the wonderful meadows of Siri and Paya. The road going up towards Siri and then Paya is very adventurous but very dangerous. On your left is the lofty razor sharp rocks and on your right thousands of feet down will be Shoran which you just left behind. So prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure. Hike is also possible from Shogran but it’s going to take you two n half hours. Keep in mind its very tough hike. You can also camp at Paya if you are in group with having all necessary equipment n stuff. Once you reach Paya the discomfort of the journey is forgotten.




A Glimpse

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