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Dunga Gali or Doonga Gali is a fascinating mountain resort town of the Galyat area of Ayubia National Park, situated at an altitude of 2,500 metres (8,200 ft) in northern Pakistan. 

A tourist magnet, it lies at a distance of 3km from Nathiagali on the road to Murree. It is aesthetically nestled on the slopes of Mukshpuri Hill and commands a beautiful southward view of the wooded spurs that project towards the Jhelum River. Numerous trekking sites are located in the area and yearly trekkers visit Dunga gali to climb the second highest point in the Galiyat area, the peak of Mukshpuri.

Dunga gali is also known as the entry point of Ayubia National Park which stretches over an area of 3312 hectares and is home to numerous unique species of wild animals.



Dunga Gali


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