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Gettting to Peshawar



  • Completed and signed Pakistan Visa application form;
  • Original passport (valid for at least 6 months) and a photocopy of it;
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs with white background;
  • Exact address of stay with telephone number in Pakistan, supported by letter of invitation and confirmation of accommodation;
  • If traveling in group, letter/travel itinerary from the tour operator concerned;
  • Evidence of support of financial means, such as employer’s letter or bank statement showing sufficient funds;
  • Pre-paid, self-addressed envelope;



Peshawar's east-west growth axis is centred on the historic Grand Trunk Road that connects Peshawar to Islamabad and Lahore. The road is roughly paralleled by the M-1 Motorway between Peshawar and Islamabad, while the M-2 Motorway provides an alternate route to Lahore from Islamabad. The Grand Trunk Road also provides access to the Afghan border via the Khyber Pass, with onwards connections to Kabul and Central Asia via the Salang Pass.

Peshawar is to be completely encircled by the Peshawar Ring Road in order to divert traffic away from the city's congested center. The road is currently under construction, with some portions open to traffic.

The Karakoram Highway provides access to the Peshawar region and western China, and an alternate route to Central Asia via Kashgar in the Chinese region of Xinjiang.

The Indus Highway provides access to points south of Peshawar, with a terminus in the southern port city of Karachi via Dera Ismail Khan and northern Sindh. The 1.9 kilometers (1.2 mi) Kohat Tunnel south of Peshawar provides access to the city of Kohat along the Indus Highway.

health and safety

Lady Reading Hospital

Medical institution in Peshawar, Pakistan · 1.0 km

The Lady Reading Hospital is located in Peshawar, Pakistan. It is one of the most important post graduate medical institutes in Pakistan. It is also called Loye Hospital and Gernali Hospital.

AddressHospital Rd Peshawar


Open today · Open 24 hours

 Phone(091) 9211441


 Aman Hospital

Private hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan · 1.3 km



Open today · 9AM–6PM

Phone(091) 2570320



Combined Military Hospital

Military hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan · 1.9 km

 AddressMall Road? Peshawar

Phone(091) 9214154



Al-Khidmat Hospital

Hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan · 2.6 km

 Address1A, Nishtarabad, Qadimi Shehr, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa


Open today · Open 24 hours

 Phone(091) 2563909



Fauji Foundation Hospital

Hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan · 2.9 km

AddressHussain Abbas Shaheed Rd? Peshawar

Phone0340 9033729



Khyber Eye Foundation Hospital

Hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan · 4.8 km

 AddressIjazabad, Gulbahar no 4, Peshawar., Outer Circular Rd, Peshawar

Phone(091) 2585207



Johar Khatoon Hospital, Now Health Care Centre

 Private hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan · 6.1 km

 AddressSahib Zada Abdul Qayyum Rd, Peshawar


Open today · Open 24 hours

 Phone(091) 5701533

Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar KP

General hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan

 AddressPhase (4), Hayatabad? Peshawar


Open today · Open 24 hours

 Phone(091) 9217147



dangers and annoyances


emergency numbers

                      LIST OF IMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERS                       

1              Rescue 1122 HQrs                          peshawar cantt            091-2264224-25

2              Fire Brigade                                   peshawar cantt            091-9212534      

3              Fire Brigade                                    peshawar city              091-2566666      

4              Police Emergency                          peshawar city              091-9212222      

5              Edhi Ambulance                             peshawar city              091-2214575      

6              Red Crescent Ambulance               peshawar city              091-2210836      

7              Emergency Ambulance                    peshawar city             091-2590846      

8              Civil Defence                                  peshawar city              091-9212176      

9              Lady Reading Hospital                   peshawar city              091-9211430      

10           Hayatabad Medical Complex          Peshawar                     091-9217140-46

11           Khyber Teaching Hospital                 Peshawar                      091-9216340-8  

12           Irnam Hospital                                 Peshawar                    091-9216115      

13           Mission Hospital                              Peshawar                     091-2212371      

14           AL-Khidmat Hospital                      Peshawar                     091-2215945      

15           Fauji Foundation Hospital               Peshawar                    091-9212771-4  

16           Frontier Foundation Blood Services         Peshawar            091-5703463      

17           Hamza Foundation                          Peshawar                     091-5841632      

18           Sui Gas                                             Peshawar                        091-9213016      

19           Wapda Complaint Office               Shami road,Peshawar               091-9212041      

20           PIA.                                                 Peshawar                     091-9213351-111-768-786

21           Air Port Inquiry                               Peshawar                                            -114      

22           Railway Inquiry                               Peshawar                                     -117      

                LIST OF POLICE STATIONS TELEPHONE NUMBERS IN  PESHAWAR                                              

1              POLICE                                                      West cantt.         091-9213297      

2              POLICE                                                      East cantt.           091-9213059      

3              POLICE                                                      Pishtakhara        091-5231418      

4              POLICE                                                      Kabuli    091-2214220      

5              POLICE                                                      Kotwali 091-9210740      

6              POLICE                                                      Shah qabool  091-9210732      

7              POLICE                                                      Hashtnagri    091-9210736      

8              POLICE                                                      Banamari      091-9210733      

9              POLICE                                                      Yakka Toot   091-9210741      

10           POLICE                                                                 Faqir Abad    091-2241134      

11           POLICE                                                       Gulbahar      091-9210735      

12           POLICE                                                       University Town               091-9216105      

13           POLICE                                                       Hayatabad          091-9217333      

14           POLICE                                                       Tatara   091-860433        

15           POLICE                                                       Nasir Bagh       091-833500        

16           POLICE                                                       Badaber           091-2370376      

17           POLICE                                                       Mattani            091-2970123      

18           POLICE                                                       Chamkani         091-264305        

19           POLICE                                                       Urmar   091-2350156      

20           POLICE                                                       Daudzai                091-2960115      

21           POLICE                                                       Mathra 091-2950316      

22           POLICE                                                       Chowk Yadgar Post         091-214065        

23           POLICE                                                       Civil Quarters Post           091-9212930      

24           POLICE                                                       Jamrud Post       091-9217217      

25           POLICE                                                       Wazir Bagh Post                091-2572257      

26           POLICE                                                       Pakha Ghulam Post         091-243951        

27           POLICE                                                       Town Post           091-9216006      

28           POLICE                                                       Michani Gate/PBI     091-9211412      

29           POLICE                                                       LRH Chowki Post      091-9211428      

30           POLICE                                                       Khyber Bazar Post    091-9210731      

31           POLICE                                                       Naghuman Post        091-224145        

32           POLICE                                                       Itehad Post         091-243965        

33           POLICE                                                       Khazana Post     091-241109        

34           POLICE                                                       Nauthia Post      091-9211497      

35           POLICE                                                       Michani Rest House        091-2935466      

36           POLICE                                                       Charpariza Post 091-2233113      

37           POLICE                                                       Hayatabad Post       091-9217217      

38           POLICE                                                       Shiekh Muhammadi Post    091-2320416      

39           POLICE                                                       Bara Pul Post    091-2950438      

40           POLICE                                                       Bara Qadeem Post    091-871182        

41           POLICE                                                       Pir Bala Post  091-5202414      

42           POLICE                                                       Qila Shah Bagh Post    091-2935370      


advice for travellers

Personal use Item/ clothing

  • Daypack to carry a camera, snack pack and rain jacket etc.
  • Sleeping Bag of good quality to face cold temperature at night.
  • Closed cell foam mattress.
  • Trekking boots, durable with strong rubber soles.
  • Camp sandals to use while in camp and walking around.
  • Water/windproof jacket and trousers.
  • Two to three pairs of extra clothing (preferable full-length trousers and full sleeve shirts).
  • Three to four pair of socks (woolen and nylon stuff).
  • Sun Hat for shade and to avoid sunburns.
  • Woken cap to keep the head warm during cold nights.
  • Pair of gloves
  • Sunglasses to protect eyes from snow blindness.
  • Walking stick.
  • Water bottle.
  • Headlamp or torch with extra battery cells.
  • Pocket knife.
  • First Aid kit including sum block cream.